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Getting In Shape

2 x 30 minutes sessions per week


This package consists of a tailored starter program, guiding you through the essential steps,

offering valuable advice on what to do and what to avoid, while assisting you in laying

the foundational building blocks for your fitness journey.


Habit Builder

2 x 30 minutes sessions per week


If you're already confident in your gym workouts but find yourself needing a gentle push to establish a consistent routine, we're here to support you. We'll work together to craft a tailored routine aimed at breaking free from those unwanted habits and replacing them with the ideal version of yourself that you envision.


Tone My Muscles

2 x 45 minutes sessions per week


You've been hitting the gym for a while but are struggling to achieve the muscle tone you desire,

You want to avoid excessive bulkiness and stiffness while still achieving that lean and defined look.


Goal Oriented Training

2 x 45 minutes sessions per week


We'll design a customized package that includes a meticulously tailored training plan, a balanced meal plan, strategic supplementation recommendations, and a structured sleep routine.

We're here to guide you on your journey to reaching your goals within realistic and achievable timeframes.


Holistic Wellness 

Covers all of the above, sessions tailored specific to client.


Discover the epitome of well-being with our Holistic Wellness Journey Package.

This all-encompassing package offers an enticing blend of fitness, nutrition, mental health, relaxation, and regular health assessments.


It's more than just a service – it's an invitation to a healthier, happier you.

Online Training 

Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels


1 x Face to Face check in per month

Tracked through mobile app

Training plan

Nutrition plan

24/7 support

Terms & Conditions


All packages are charged upfront for the initial month only and are non refundable


24 hour notice is required for any rescheduling


Sessions must be used within the same month as per subscription and cannot be rolled over


Packages are exclusive for the named client only and are non-transferrable to another resident


You will be provided the opportunity at the end of your first month to opt in for either 3 months or 6 months direct debit subscription for ongoing training.

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